Proof of Pitch Competition

Do You Have the Ultimate Web3 Startup? Prove it at Proof of Pitch! Open to all startups, regardless of fundraising status (details below).
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The Top Web3 VCs in our Jury

Organised by XVentures


Is your Startup among the best in Web3?

Prove It at Proof of Pitch! In a revolutionary departure from traditional pitch competitions, Proof of Pitch combines cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence insights with the strategic prowess of the world’s leading Web3 VCs to find the best Startups in Web3 regardless of funding stage. We are looking for the hottest startup business models in Web3 globally.

Applications open until: 27 May 2024
Eligibility: Startups 5 years or younger regardless of fundraising status
Fundraising Status: Who can participate? Open to every Web3 startup, our competition does not limit entries based on your fundraising stage. Whether you’re just starting out or scaling up, we invite you to demonstrate your innovation and business acumen. This competition offers a platform for all participants to showcase their potential, not just those seeking immediate funding. Winning can accelerate fundraising efforts for those interested, but every participant will benefit from increased visibility, valuable networking opportunities, and enhanced brand exposure.
Benefits for all participants: Every participating startup receives a 12-page evaluation report.
Elite invitation: Top startups will be invited to the prestigious Proof of Talk Summit at the Louvre Palace in Paris on June 10 & 11, 2024, where winners will be announced.
Prizes That Propel Success: Winners will not only gain substantial exposure to elite Web3 investors, experts, and strategic partners, but they will also share in a prize pool valued at over €1 million. This robust support package is designed to catapult your startup into the spotlight and accelerate your journey in the Web3 space (details below).

How It All Goes Down

Discover how to navigate your journey through Proof of Pitch:

Step 1

Submit Your Pitch Deck

Start by uploading your pitch deck through the application form.

Step 2

AI-Driven Evaluation

Experience our revolutionary Pitch Scan LLM tool as it analyzes your submission, providing deep, nuanced insights into your business model, market potential, and more. EVERY startup receives a detailed 10-page report, offering not just an evaluation, but a strategic roadmap tailored for success in the dynamic Web3 domain.

Step 3

Top 10 Showcase

Make it to the top 10 and gain exclusive exposure on our live leaderboard, visible to an elite audience of VCs and industry leaders (possible Angel investment or partnership with their company). Your Pitch including the 10-Page “Pitch Scan” report will be shared with our top Speakers, Investors and Partners.

Step 4

Finalist Selection and Live Pitch in Paris

The best of the best will be invited to the Proof of Talk Conference on June 10 & 11 2024 in Paris, to pitch live in front of our prestigious jury and an audience of potential investors and partners.

Powered by our Pitch Scan LLM: Revolutionizing Startup Evaluation

Say goodbye to old-school evaluation methods. The heart of Proof of Pitch is our Pitch Scan LLM tool, developed by XVentures in collaboration with top VCs and data scientists. In under a minute, Pitch Scan offers a deep dive into your startup's core aspects, transforming weeks of analysis into actionable insights.

Learn more about Pitch Scan here:

Comprehensive Analysis

Evaluates business model, team dynamics, market size, and competitive landscape.


Delivers a thorough due diligence report in under a minute.

Detailed Reporting

Each participant receives a 10-page strategic roadmap, not just evaluating the startup but tailoring success strategies for the dynamic Web3 domain.

AI-Driven Insights

Developed through rigorous collaboration with leading global VCs.

Optimized Evaluations

Utilizes extensive market research to enhance accuracy and relevance.

Key Features of Pitch Scan

Beyond Funding: Prizes
That Foster Growth

At Proof of Pitch, winning means more than just securing funding. It means gaining a comprehensive support system that includes AI-driven analytics, mentorship from Web3 visionaries, and direct introductions to leading VCs. Our prize package is designed to refine your strategies, accelerate growth, and establish your market leadership.

1st Place - 1M EUR Prize Value
  • Cash Investment by participating VCs
  • Mentorship by Borderless Capital Partner with a focus on G2M Strategy
  • Winning pitch decks will be made available and promoted to the top speakers of Proof of Talk for a possible Angel investment or partnership with their company.
  • Access to the invite-only Investors dinner of the Proof of Talk Summit with 60+ of the best VCs globally
  • 12 week Accelerator Package by Xventures with focus on
  • 12 week mentorship with optional in-person strategy workshop with global experts to develop a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Introduction to VCs and Fundraising
  • Introduction to top KOLs globally
  • Support in Listing with top exchanges and launch pads
  • Introduction To Market Makers
  • Introduction to relevant Ecosystems (Polygon, Solana, Ethereum, etc)
  • Matchmaking at Proof of Talk
  • Pitch training and optimisation
  • Workshop on tokenomics
  • Potential table/booth at Proof of Talk (depending on the startup's needs)
  • €25,000 AWS credit
  • €30,000 media grant from Cointelegraph
  • Media shoutouts
  • Mentorship by Borderless Capital Partner with a focus on G2M Strategy

Feature in a post-event press release, invitation to the Proof of Talk event, the opportunity to network with investors and industry leaders at the event, free 60-min workshop by award-winning marketing agency, the opportunity for interviews with major tech media outlets.

Why your Startup should Join

Proof of Pitch isn’t just another competition - it’s a launchpad for your next big leap. Here’s why you should get involved:

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Impactful Prizes:

Beyond funding, our prizes are designed to propel your growth and visibility in the Web3 space.

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Comprehensive Analysis:
Every entrant receives a detailed 12-page report from our Pitch Scan AI, offering tailored insights and actionable advice.

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Exclusive Networking:
The top three startups earn an invitation to an exclusive VC dinner, opening doors to investments and strategic partnerships.

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Visibility to Industry Leaders:
It's not just VCs who will see your pitch; our Top Speakers and other influential figures get a peek too, offering opportunities for possible Angel investment or partnership with their company.